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About Bownet Australia

Bownet - The World's Best Portable Goals, Nets and Training System

Australian owned and operated since 1991, SUMMIT Sporting Products (SUMMITSport.com.au) is national distributor of sporting products. From elite sports to backyards, we deliver the highest quality products for the player. Today we are a unique company that is focused, passionate and committed to making a difference to sport. All SUMMIT products have been tested to make sure they hold true to our quality standards, and designed to make sure they are a leader in any category.

We now deliver two specialty products - Bownet goals and Ice-20 compression therapy - directly to you. These products are the best in their class and can now be purchased directly from the source. All products have been extensively tested and are used on fields around the world and now can be used on yours. 

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Bownet Portable Goals

The next generation in professional goals and nets is the Bownet - it is more than a replica, it is the most professional portable goal on the market.  The simplicity of its design makes it easy to transport, assemble while strong enough to withstand the constant barrage from all levels of the game. This is a key feature for professionals, clubs or the back yard players that want to spend more time playing and less about cost, setup or storage. 

The durability and flexibility of the Bownet is one of its core qualities. It can be used on any surface. It and has powder coated alloys, reinforced fibreglass poles and 100% UV treated knotless netting the Bownet compactly folds down to be carried away by one person.

Available in a wide range of sizes, including Futsal to the massive multipurpose barrier net 3.5m x 6.5m – Bownet can be ready to use in 90 seconds - No screws or snags, just snaps together. A full range of accessories and parts is also available, so expanding on your goal is easy.

There is no product that is better suited for the competitor, it’s compact, easy, looks great and most importantly, works.   

Ice-20 Compression Therapy

Ice Wraps made to use real ice, made from the highest grade of 4-way stretch neoprene. Our ice wraps work for the knee, shoulder, back, ankle, wrist, thigh, groin, foot, shin, neck, traps and breast. Our ice bags are Latex free with a thick cotton outer surface that will not condensate and get you wet.

Studies have shown that Ice Compression and Elevation is the best remedy for reducing pain and swelling of muscle strains and joint pains. 20 Minutes on, 20 Minutes off is the fastest way to recovery! The Key is ICE20's form fitting compression wrap, with thick neoprene straps and strong Velcro that provides firm, consistent, comfortable pressure of the ICE20 bag to the body. The ICE20 Bag is a high quality, refillable, no-leak ice bag with a soft cotton exterior providing the most comfortable fit of any ice bag.

The easy-to-open, wide-mouth lid makes it simple to fill and clean and are lined with a high quality rubberized interior that keeps the ice cold for hours longer than conventional gel packs and NO CHEMICALS - It's just ice! 

Real Ice + Compression + Comfort & Mobility = Easy Pain Relief

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